Temporary Ear Ringing

While there is no medical cure for tinnitus (noise in the ear), there are ways to allow you to “mask” or hide the noise furnishing the impression overly the tinnitus is gone. Some of the methods include running water, fan noise, air conditioner noise, ticking clock, grey noise, pink noise, seaside sounds, static radio noise (tuning to an unbroadcasted FM channel), etc. Temporary Ear Ringing

There are companies out there marketing “masking” CDs with different masking sounds to support the several kinds of tinnitus noise. In my case as a tinnitus sufferer, I find that my computer’s fans act as great masker to hide the noise in the ear.

During my day at the office where I am surrounded by computers, I can at least forget about tinnitus and get control of my life and focus on my work. During the evening, I find that the FM radio static noise is very effective for me to fall asleep to as the static noise contains all frequencies and is thus able to mask out more tinnitus noises. Temporary Ear Ringing

For those who need to be mobile, there are hearing devices that you put in your ear which has a white noise generator and an amplifier. These are called wearable sound generators (WSG). You may be asking that by replacing one sound with another, does this not create just another type of irritating noise?

Well, not so, the tinnitus noise is usually high, sharp, piercing and unpleasant whereas the masking noise is more soother, calmer and pleasant. Note that the masker does not remove the tinnitus but hides it so that your brain is now focusing on the more pleasant sounds. Suffering from Tinnitus and Ringing in Ear? Get your life back forever by checking out Temporary Ear Ringing now.